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Biden Leads National Survey – Impeachment Coverage – Trust in News

Your Daily Polling Update for October 31


Same as yesterday

RON’S COMMENT: Today’s average is based on five polls, ranging from 41% (Reuters) to 47% (Rasmussen). Without these extremes, it would be 45%…. President Trump’s disapproval rating averages 54% today (+1 since yesterday), which is 10 points higher than his approval rating.


Among Democratic voters nationwide

Joe Biden: 26%
Elizabeth Warren: 17%
Bernie Sanders: 13%
Pete Buttigieg: 10%
Tulsi Gabbard: 4%
Kamala Harris: 3%
Andrew Yang: 3%
Cory Booker: 2%
Amy Klobuchar: 2%
Candidates with 1% or less not listed

RON’S COMMENT: Biden holds the lead with Warren second, Sanders third and Buttigieg also in double digits. Gabbard leads the single-digit club…. This poll also finds 18% of Democrats wishing a new candidate jumps into the race. When asked who they’d like to see get into the race, 10% say Michelle Obama, 7% say Michael Bloomberg and 4% say Hillary Clinton.


Among voters nationwide

To what extent do the following describe the current media coverage of the impeachment process …?

% = A lot + Some
Frustrating: 63%
Disappointing: 55%
Negative: 54%
Skewed: 52%
Confusing: 52%
Interesting: 45%
Boring: 45%
Fair: 35%
Positive: 30%
Encouraging: 28%
Exciting: 27%
Trustworthy: 22%

RON’S COMMENT: Majorities say impeachment coverage is frustrating, disappointing, negative, skewed and confusing. 54% of Democrats say it’s frustrating as compared to 80% of Republicans. Apparently, impeachment coverage makes for boring television for a good chunk of the public (45%). But, wait, it also makes for interesting television for a good chunk as well (45%). Only 22% say the coverage is trustworthy, which is the saddest commentary of all.


Among adults nationwide

Back in the 1970s, was the way the Democrats in Congress conducted impeachment proceedings fair or unfair to Richard Nixon?

Fair: 55%
Unfair: 11%
Unsure: 34%

RON’S COMMENT: There are high “unsure” responses to these questions about the Nixon and Clinton impeachment, for good reason––some voters weren’t around then. 72% of Democrats, 45% of Republicans and 48% of independents describe the Nixon impeachment proceedings as fair.

Do you think trying to impeach Richard Nixon and remove him from office back in the 1970s was a type of coup?

Yes: 18%
No: 52%
Nor sure: 30%

RON’S COMMENT: 35% of Republicans describe trying to impeach Nixon as a coup.

Back in the 1990s, was the way the Republicans in Congress conducted impeachment proceedings fair or unfair to Bill Clinton?

Fair: 49%
Unfair: 25%
Not sure: 27%

RON’S COMMENT: 37% of Democrats, 42% of independents, and 73% of Republicans describe the Clinton impeachment proceedings as fair.

Do you think trying to impeach Bill Clinton and remove him from office back in the 1990s was a type of coup?

Yes: 18%
No: 55%
Not sure: 27%

RON’S COMMENT: 25% of Democrats describe the Clinton impeachment as a coup.


Among adults nationwide

What TV news or commentary source do you trust the least?

Fox News: 34%
CNN: 24%
Comedy Central: 5%
NBC: 3%
ABC: 2%
CBS: 2%
C-SPAN: 1%
PBS/NPR: <1%
All of them: 12%

RON’S COMMENT: 43% of Republicans least trust CNN. 63% of Democrats least trust Fox News. 1% had harsh things to say about C-SPAN.


Presidential job rating average based on recent nationwide polls.
IMPEACHMENT COVERAGE: Politico/Morning Consult, Oct. 25-28
NEWS: USA Today/Suffolk, Oct. 23-26

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