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LUNCHTIME POLITICS: More Spending? Tax the Rich? – Biden and the Virus – NYC Mayor’s Race

Your Daily Polling Update for Thursday, May 6



Up 2 from last week

RON’S COMMENT: Looks like Biden’s speech to Congress bumped him up a bit. While only 20% of the electorate polled say they watched the entire speech, an additional 36% watched part of it or saw clips. Others heard news stories and analysis…. Today’s average is based on seven polls, ranging from 49% (The Economist) to 60% (The Hill). Biden’s disapproval rating averages 40% today (-2 from last week).


Among Democratic voters citywide

Democratic primary
Eric Adams: 21%
Andrew Yang: 18%
Scott Stringer: 15%
Shaun Donovan: 8%
Maya Wiley: 7%
Kathryn Garcia: 6%
Ray McGuire: 6%
Diane Morales: 6%

RON’S COMMENT: This is the first poll showing Brooklyn Borough President Adams, who has been making crime a top issue, squeezing out Yang for first place. Local pundits expect Stringer to weaken based on allegations of sexual harassment that hit the press right before this poll was taken.


Among voters nationwide

% = Favorable/Unfavorable
Barack Obama: 53%/42%
Michelle Obama: 52%/42%
Doug Emhoff: 25%/25%
Jill Biden: 49%/39%
Hunter Biden: 32%/50%
Joe Manchin: 33%/35%
Andrew Cuomo: 26%/58%
Matt Gaetz: 29%/42%
Rudy Giuliani: 41%/48%
Ron DeSantis: 39%/36%
Nikki Haley: 38%/36%
Tim Scott: 41%/27%

RON’S COMMENT: Let’s look at the internals:

  • Among Democrats nationwide, West Virginia’s senator Manchin is 29% favorable/39% unfavorable; among Republicans, he’s 38% favorable/37% unfavorable.
  • Among Democrats nationwide, New York’s governor Cuomo is 43% favorable/39% unfavorable; among Republicans, he’s 18% favorable/67% unfavorable.
  • Among Democrats nationwide, South Carolina’s senator Scott is 27% favorable/39% unfavorable; among Republicans, he’s 58% favorable/9% unfavorable.
  • Among Republicans nationwide, Florida’s GOP Rep. Gaetz is 41% favorable/21% unfavorable; among Democrats, he’s 22% favorable/49% unfavorable.
  • Among Republicans nationwide, Florida’s governor and possible 2024 GOP presidential contender DeSantis is 56% favorable/15% unfavorable.
  • Among Republicans nationwide, former South Carolina governor and possible 2024 GOP presidential contender Haley is 53% favorable/16% unfavorable.


Among voters nationwide

Should the U.S. government be spending more money or less money on each of the following? 

% = saying government should spend “a lot more” or “somewhat more” money on
Infrastructure: 64%
Education: 61%
Health care: 60%
Child care: 51%
Police reform: 49%
Climate change: 48%
The military:  46%
Coronavirus: 43%

RON’S COMMENT: Strong majorities want the federal government to spend more on infrastructure, education and health care. A smaller majority, 51%, favor doing so for child care…. 70% of Democrats and 50% of Republicans favor more spending on infrastructure; while 69% of Democrats and 36% of Republicans favor more spending on child care.

More data on Biden’s proposals:

  • 58% favor increasing funding for rural broadband internet access
  • 43% favor investing in electric vehicles
  • 59% favor providing advanced training for workers in manufacturing and other industries

RAISING TAXES: Would you favor or oppose raising taxes on corporations and Americans making more than $400,000 to help pay for spending on any of those issues?

Favor: 54%
Oppose: 35%
Not sure: 12%

RON’S COMMENT: 73% of Democrats, 32% of Republicans and 48% of independents favor raising taxes on corporations and Americans making more than $400,000 to help pay for added spending.


Among voters nationwide

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling COVID-19? 

Approve: 53%
Disapprove: 39%

RON’S COMMENT: 81% of Democrats, 25% of Republicans, 44% of independents, 47% of men and 57% of women approve of the way Biden is handling the pandemic.


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Presidential job rating average based on recent nationwide polls.
NEW YORK CITY: Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, April 27-29

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