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LUNCHTIME POLITICS: Why Pollsters Missed the Mark – Gaetz at Home – Party Issue Handling

Your Daily Polling Update for Wednesday, April 14


Same as last week

RON’S COMMENT: Today’s average is based on four polls, ranging from 50% (Rasmussen) to 59% (Politico/Morning Consult). Biden’s disapproval rating averages 41% today (-1 from last week).


Among voters nationwide

Who do you trust more to handle each of the following issues? 

% = Democrats in Congress/Republicans in Congress
Climate change: 53%/22% (D+31)
The environment: 53%/24% (D+29)
Coronavirus: 51%/26% (D+25)
Protecting Social Security/Medicare: 50%/30% (D+20)
Healthcare: 50%/31% (D+19)
Education: 48%/30% (D+18)
Voting rights: 48%/32% (D+16)
The economy: 43%/38% (D+5)
Gun policy: 42%/37% (D+5)
Immigration: 42%/38% (D+4)
National security: 40%/40% (even)

RON’S COMMENT: Democrats dominate most of the issues on this laundry list. Republicans have lost the edge they had on the economy and national security during Trump’s reign. Notice how Democrats in Congress run so far ahead on the coronavirus. Also notice that Republicans in Congress rate 30% or less on climate change, the environment, the coronavirus, Social Security/Medicare and education.


Among Republican voters districtwide

  • 63% of Republican voters in Gaetz’s district (Florida, 1st CD) say he is not guilty of sex trafficking allegations, 18% say he is guilty and 19% don’t know.
  • 72% of Republicans think he should not resign and 19% think he should resign.
  • If Gaetz leaves office and there is a special election, 18% of Republicans would now support state Sen. Doug Broxson for the party’s nomination. Running behind is Chris Dosev with 7%, Jimmy Patronis with 5% and Larry Keefe with 4%.

RON’S COMMENT: Gaetz holds the support of most Republicans in his U.S. House district, although 28% to 37% of his fellow partisans express some resistance to him. The survey was conducted by a Republican firm…. Gaetz won the 2020 GOP primary with 81% of the vote and the general election with 65%. His district includes Florida’s western Panhandle which covers Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach and Navarre. Gaetz was first elected in 2016.


An analysis by five Democratic pollsters

Revisiting Polling for 2021 and Beyond

By ALG Research, Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group, GBAO Strategies, Global Strategy Group, and Normington Petts

“Together, we represent five survey research firms for Democratic political campaigns. During the 2020 election, we worked on the presidential campaign, every major Senate and gubernatorial race, and congressional races across the country. Our main job as pollsters is to provide campaigns with a strategic roadmap for winning, guide their messaging, and help identify the right targets for those messages.
Every one of us thought Democrats would have a better Election Day than they did. So, what went wrong?”
To read the entire memo click here


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Presidential job rating average based on recent nationwide polls.
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REVISITING POLLING FOR 2021 AND BEYOND: Democracy Docket, published April 13, 2021

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