Quantitative and Qualitative

Based on years of experience deploying surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews, Certus targets a range of audiences for a host of applications. We blend traditional rigor with cutting edge approaches to provide clients with actionable insights.

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Media Analytics & Social Listening

Certus Insights pushes the leading edge of analytics that evaluates news, blogs, and social media to develop actionable and strategic insights from conversations large and small. Understanding conversations is a critical step in any communications plan.

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Reputation Assessment

Certus Insights combines quantitative, qualitative, and media analytics to create a comprehensive reputation assessment for organizations of any size or industry. A holistic analysis of reputation provides a critical roadmap to building and maintaining a brand.

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The Certus Insights team has worked on hundreds of client projects, 32 different countries, 60,000+ interviews, and over 320 million online conversations.  



Audience Perceptions + Message Testing 

Company Type: A Foreign Affairs Interest Group  

What they needed: To understand the attitudes of U.S. consumers, U.S. policy influencers, and informed U.S. voters toward persistent and breaking US foreign policy issues. 

What we delivered: Certus Insights conducts a quantitative tracking survey of each target audience, measuring changes in perceptions to important benchmark issues and new issues as they emerge. Certus provides robust analysis and recommendations on the data, helping put the data into context. Data from the survey is used as a critical component to develop messaging and issue priorities for their communication efforts inside the Beltway and nationally.  

Why it was so valuable: Based on these results, the foreign affairs interest group has continued to refine their messaging in their lobbying and public communications campaigns.  



Social Media and News Media Audit 

Company Type: Consumer Foods Company 

What they needed: To determine the feasibility of expansion into a new food product category by determining if the social media environment provided opportunities for a new brand to successfully participate in the online conversation. 

What we delivered: Certus Insights conducted a strategic social media and news media audit, gathering and analyzing a year’s worth of historical data around the target emerging food categories. The in-depth audit identified several distinct conversation topics and influencers that dominated the social media conversation. This provided several opportunities for brands to enter the conversation with engaging content. 

Why it was so valuable: Based on analysis of the top performing social media content, Certus identified four distinct elements that composed successful content int this category – recommending that the client adopt these elements in their owned content. The audit identified alternative uses, whitespace opportunities, messaging recommendations, influencer recommendations, and sponsorship opportunities in detailed report. The data and analysis in the audit helped the client determine that if they were to go to market in the new food category, they would need to adopt a dual messaging approach: connecting the product to the active social media dieters while also promoting the food alternative to a wider audience. 



Brand Tracking

Company Type: Health Issues Association 

What they needed: To understand brand and issue awareness within the influential D.C. Beltway decision makers. 

What we delivered: The team at Certus Insights regularly fields a brand tracking survey that enables the association to track awareness of their issue, their organization, and the need for additional federal funding. The survey targeting carefully recruits respondents to measure the attitudes that pervade the mindset of this elite audience. Each survey iteration contains a detailed analysis of the results, with actionable recommendations.  

Why it was so valuable: The survey enabled the association to better understand how they could use targeted messaging, paid media, and earned media efforts to emphasize the importance of their issue. Since the initial report, the organization has optimized their messages and communications strategy to increase awareness year over year.  



Brand Integration 

Company Type: Healthcare Provider  

What they needed: Wanting to better identify issues and concerns around recruit and retaining nurses, the client wanted to get a better understanding of nurses’ attitudes around employers and job searching opportunities. 

What we delivered: Certus Insights conducted a large-scale, national quantitative study measuring nursing attitudes on employment, employability, and what and how they look for their next job. Detailed recruiting criteria ensure that a mix of nurse specialties, work environments, seniorities, and backgrounds were recruited. The detailed report provided actionable programming and messaging recommendations based on rigorous data analysis.  

Why it was so valuable: After presenting the findings, the client repositioned their recruitment strategy to better target the nurses that are most likely to leave other organizations and updated their messaging to better appeal to key motivators that drive nurse’s career decisions.  

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