Actionable Intelligence on the Media Landscape

Strategic Application

Media analytics can be conducted during the planning stages to develop and understand the current media landscape. It can also be used throughout a campaign to track effectiveness and determine ROI.

Landscape Analysis

Certus media analytics can be used to provide insight into the current media landscape around a particular issue, industry, brand, or individual. Identify white space opportunities, key thought leaders, and other insights.

Structured Process

Our structured research process identifies the goals of a project, the appropriate search terms, and key metrics. Clarity and specificity throughout the process ensures results speak directly to client needs and questions.


In-Depth Reporting

Our media analytics reports provide detailed analysis and insights that enable informed strategic and tactical decision making.

Media Analytics reviews news media, blogs, and social media through full data stream capture and sampling of publicly available media data to identify conversation trends, key topics, and strategic imperatives.

Powerful Insights and Metrics.


Media Analytics reviews news media, blogs, and social media through fire-hose data and a sampling of publicly available media data to identify conversation trends, key topics, and strategic imperatives.


Our media analytics reports provide detailed analysis and insights that enable informed strategic and tactical decision making.



Determine if the conversation is net positive, net negative, or largely neutral.


Track not just how frequently a brand or executive is mentioned in the conversation, but also compare their presence to competitors.


Understand what topics and key words are associated with a particular brand, issue industry, or event.


Understand which sources, blogs, or social media channels are producing the highest volume of content and most engaging content.


Events can drive the conversation around a particular company. Determine how an event has affected the conversation, or which messages are resonating within a given event.


Identify key author, publications, or influencers who are driving the conversation through retweets, posts, and highly-engaging stories.


Using estimated engagement metrics, understand not just what is being said, but what stories and posts are resonating with the general public.

Two Approaches to Media Analytics:

An overview of Certus Insights Media Analytics Capabilities
Media Audits
Assess historical conversation over several months or years to develop strategic insights.

Media Auditing provides data-driven insights by reviewing the historical conversation on a topic in news and social media. The audit aims to identify trends, key topics, and strategic imperatives.

Media Monitoring
Continuously analyze breaking media conversation, with regular reporting and analysis.

Media Monitoring aims to discover what the media is currently saying  about a particular brand, topic, industry, or person and continue to track it on an ongoing basis. Media monitoring will aim to keep clients aware of breaking media conversation through regular reporting and analysis.




Media Auditing provides data-driven insights by reviewing the historical conversation on a topic in news and social media. The audit aims to identify trends, key topics, and strategic imperatives. 


An in-depth review of media mentions that reviews news, blog, and social data to identify strategic insights and important trends that enable clients to develop effective communication strategies. 


Review a variety of media types: news, blogs, broadcast, online reviews, forums, social media, owned content, and trade/industry publications. Focus on select set of media types, all, or one. 


A typical audit focuses on historical media stories and posts, generally six months to two years. Longer timelines of historic data are possible depending on the media type. 


Presented with in-depth analysis and details on major takeaways, recommendations, metrics, and examples. Visuals and infographics make the analysis understandable to any reader. 


Each media audit is custom built to answer a client’s important strategic questions. Here are some types of analysis that can be provided. 

Share of Voice

Owned Presence

Top Publication, Blogs, or Channels

Top Influencers or Authors

Top Topics

Channel Mix

Connectivity of Conversations

Reach and Impressions

Engagement and Engagement Rate


Executive Presence

Key Events

Associated Organizations

Mention Quality and Prominence

Conversation Size




Media Monitoring aims to discover what the media is currently saying  about a particular brand, topic, industry, or person and continue to track it on an ongoing basis. Media monitoring will aim to keep clients aware of breaking media conversation through regular reporting and analysis. 


Media monitoring provides active updates and intelligence on current and breaking media developments. The data can be used to determine priorities, understand the evolution of a conversation, and evaluate the performance of ongoing campaigns. 


A monitoring project can review a variety of media types: news, blogs, broadcast, online reviews, forums, social media, owned content, and trade/industry publications. Monitoring projects can focus on all, one, or some of these media types. 


The cadence of monitoring deliverables can be as frequent as the client needs. Real-time dashboards and alerts can serve immediate needs. Daily, weekly, or monthly digests can provide regular summaries. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports can provide in-depth analysis. 



A live dashboard that provides clients with real-time intelligence, including KPI, topic segmentation, and impact analysis of coverage.


A full stream or curated list of coverage on a client, topic, executive, or competitive set. Overview analytics can also be included. 


Threshold based alerts inform a client of breaking news or trending topics relevant to them. 


Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports summarize developments within target conversations to inform communication strategies and tactics.

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