Certus Insights: Spring 2020 Capability Update

At Certus Insights, we are always advancing our capabilities to bring be best research methodologies to our clients. Below are a few capabilities that we have expanded and available for our clients.

Data Matching Survey

A powerful means to get real-world data

Know what a target audience does in the real world, not just what they say they do. Certus Insights works with the world’s leading data houses to pair survey responses with behavioral data, including media usage, web browsing behavior, shopping behaviors, lifestyle and interest data, and additional demographic data. All data gathered through this process is fully GDPR compliant and ensures respondent anonymity. The process produces a rich data set that allows clients to know their target audiences in detail and optimize their campaigns.

Gain access to up to 1,400 variables that have been aggregated from thousands of data points. Below are some illustrative examples of the attributes that clients can use:

  • Digital Cluster: A segmentation system that places each U.S. individual into one of 49 segments based on similar demographics and online behaviors, such as “mobile networkers,” “information seekers,” or “skilled shoppers.”
  • Number of Orders, Upscale Catalogs: Indicates the number of orders purchased from upscale catalogs within the last four years.
  • Interest in Current Affairs / Politics: The respondent shows a high interest in current affairs/politics.
  • DIY Living: These people show a high interest in doing-it-themselves. Rather than hire someone to do the job, they will do it; rather than take their vehicle to be fixed, they will do it; rather than buy a piece of furniture themselves, they will build it.
  • Net Worth: Summary of data that is predictive of Net Worth. It is composed of several data points that have been found predictive of Net Worth and available on a large number of records, including home value, age of head of household, dwelling size, and census level data. The basis for the model was the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finance (SCF).

Certus Insight’s behavioral data matching capabilities allows detailed recommendations on how to best reach and engage target audiences. This approach also provides a high degree of flexibility. By appending behavioral data for each survey respondent, these data points can be segmented and cross-tabulated like a normal survey variable. For example, if a survey determines that Urban Millennials are highly receptive to tested messages, behavioral data will provide details on who those Urban Millennials are, what they read, what they buy, and their lifestyle interests.

Text-To-Web Recruiting

Ensure representativeness to supplementing survey recruiting

Recruit a portion of an online survey with a targeted text message invitation. This recruiting method is particularly advantageous for geographically targeted surveys, such as state-specific surveys. A text-message invites recipients to click through and take the survey in a normal online survey environment, providing compatibility with respondents recruited through an online panel. Supplementing online panels with text message recruitment helps mitigate biases that may be present in some online panels. We recommend that our clients begin taking advantage of this recruitment method whenever possible.

Cluster Analysis Audience Segmentation

Data driven audience segmentation

Certus Insights now provides cluster analysis to clients with reduced turnaround time and lower cost. Segment survey respondents based on significant differences using cluster analysis methods. Instead of relying on pre-built assumptions about a given target audience, such as demographics or partisanship, Certus Insights can determine the precise demographics, psychographics, and attitudes that drive differences in opinion. This allows clients to better segment their target audience into distinct audience profiles, enabling a more precise understanding of a given target audience. Certus can employ a variety of cluster analysis methods depending on the application, including Latent Class, K-Means, or Hierarchical analyses.

For more information on these and other capabilities, please contact us at newbusiness@certusinsights.com.

Andrew Rugg

Andrew Rugg is an expert in survey research, media analytics, and qualitative research projects. Before leading the team at Certus, he lead a fully integrated research department at a public relations agency.